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Jeep Lift Kits are a great way to add some extra ground clearance to your Wrangler. There are many different kinds of kits – some focus on the body, others on the suspension.Jeep Lift Kits

Choosing the right one for your Jeep depends on what you use it for. To make sure you choose the right lift kit for your rig, check out ExtremeTerrain’s Definitive Jeep Lift Kit Guide.

When it comes to choosing a lift kit for your Jeep, there are many factors that you should take into account. Some kits use simple spacers to add height, while others swap out the entire suspension system including shocks and coil springs. Depending on the type of lift you choose, it can have a dramatic impact on the way your Jeep drives both on and off road.

Fortunately, there are some excellent Jeep lift kits that provide great performance at an affordable price. The Rough Country 3.5′′ Suspension Lift Kit is an example of a high-quality Jeep Wrangler lift that will not break the bank. In addition to providing a good amount of height, this kit also includes a pair of high-quality shock absorbers to help your Jeep handle even the toughest terrain.

Another option to consider is the TeraFlex 2.5′′ Suspension Lift Kit. This kit provides two to three inches of additional ride height, which can make a huge difference when it comes to clearing obstacles on the trail. The kit also includes new front and rear coil springs, shocks, sway bar links, bump stops, and brake brackets. This is a high-performance lift kit that can be installed with minimal effort and will not require any cutting or welding.

In my testing of this Jeep lift kit, I found it to be very capable on the road and off. The suspension was able to handle the toughest terrain with ease, and I was able to crawl over rocks without any problems. This kit also offers a good amount of ground clearance, and it is able to clear 35-inch tires with no problem.

While the TeraFlex Budget Boost does not offer as much lift height as some of the other options on this list, it is still a solid choice for those looking to get more out of their Jeep. It provides adequate lift height to allow you to run larger tires and tackle tough trails, and the kit also comes with a set of 9550 VSS twin-tube shock absorbers that are engineered to improve both compression and rebound for superior performance. The kit also features front lower sport control arms that balance front caster and pinion angles to optimize steering geometry and provide improved off-road handling.

The Smittybilt 3.5′′ Suspension Lift Kit

There are plenty of Jeep lift kits out there, from a small one-inch lift up to five and even seven inches. Choosing the right kit is all about how you plan to use your vehicle. Is it a hardcore off-roader that needs lots of articulation and high clearance? Or is it something that’s going to be used for commuting during the week and hitting the trail on weekends? Each scenario calls for a different Jeep lift kit to achieve the goals you have in mind.

Another factor to keep in mind is the size of tires you want to run. The amount of lift and the size of tires work together to create your overall ride height. If you are committed to a particular size of tire, you may need to regear your Jeep after the lift to regain any lost handling and performance that comes with running bigger tires.

The Smittybilt 3.5′′ Suspension Lift Kit is a great option for Jeep owners who are looking to upgrade their suspension while staying under the three-inch mark. This kit includes front and rear coil springs that provide a more aggressive stance and extra ground clearance for larger tires. It also features a set of rear track bar brackets and bump stops, as well as longer sway-bar links and lower cam washers.

Coilovers are a premium option for those who want to maximize the performance of their Jeep on and off-road. These shocks feature a piston design that provides a digressive feel while keeping the internal hydraulic valving to provide a comfortable ride. They’re available in several damping options, so you can fine-tune your suspension to how you want it to perform on the trails.

Aside from offering a more aggressive stance and ground clearance for larger tires, this lift kit also provides increased off-road handling and articulation thanks to its adjustable control arms and track bar. It also offers a smooth highway ride thanks to its rear differential drop and front, adjustable forged track bar.

While many Jeep lift kits offer a similar amount of height, the quality of these parts and how they’re crafted can really make a difference in how your vehicle drives. The cheaper spacer lifts tend to have a stiffer ride, while the full-length coils offer a more comfortable ride.

The Smittybilt 4.5′′ Suspension Lift Kit

This Jeep lift kit is a heavy-hitter in the industry, and for good reason. They offer a complete kit at an affordable price, with great installation instructions and everything you need to run larger tires (up to 3312.5ZR17). The kit comes with a full set of rear leaf springs, new U bolts, swaybar disconnects and bumpstop extensions. You can choose from shock options like Rubicon Express twin-tube or Fox monotube depending on how you want your vehicle to perform on and off road.

This 4.5-inch system from Rough Country is engineered to provide uncompromised performance on and off-road without sacrificing your ride’s highway comfort. The YJ 4.5-inch suspension kit includes a strut spacer assembly that preserves your factory struts and includes front and rear bumpstop extensions. A tubular transfer case drop kit is also included to maintain proper drive shaft angles and a set of rear track bar brackets, boomerang shackles and a pair of front sway bar quick disconnects are also included.

The suspension is outfitted with application tuned, lifted military wrapped leaf springs that are made to flex and distribute load more evenly. This design also works as a fail safe in case your main leaf ever breaks, keeping you from getting stranded on the trail. The kit is then finished off with a set of nitrogen charged, high-pressure Rough Country N3 shock absorbers to deliver amazing control on and off-road.

The suspension sounded great on the road and offered an even, comfortable ride when driving around town. Hitting washboard sections of the trail was effortless and rolling over rough, rocky obstacles was a breeze. It didn’t have the best clearance or articulation in this group, but it was still more than enough to get you over some of the toughest obstacles on the trails. This is Icon’s entry level kit and it was a solid choice for our budget-minded friend. You can upgrade to their stage 2 or 3 systems that offer better geometry correction and more control at higher speeds.

The Smittybilt 5.5′′ Suspension Lift Kit

This kit is a great option for those looking to lift their truck and run larger tires while still being able to handle light off roading. The kit includes front heavy duty coil spring spacers, high pressure fiberglass reinforced lift blocks, CNC machined and zinc plated steering knuckles, urethane wheel-well extensions (Gap Guards) and all the hardware needed to install. It also features a full width, heavy-duty transmission crossmember that adds strength and frame rigidity over competitors kits and helps prevent the front of the truck from sagging under load. The system is offered with your choice of Bilstein shocks or Rancho 9000XL shocks.

This is a great option for those wanting to run larger tires on their truck and are looking for a more aggressive look while still being able to handle light off-roading. The kit uses a Ride Height Adjustable front strut that has 3-4 ring lands that allow you to move the location where the spring perch sits which raises or lowers the vehicle. This increases ground clearance while allowing for a smoother ride and decreased body roll while driving on or off-road. The kit also includes a set of rear leaf spring spacers which allows for a more raked stance while maintaining adequate ground clearance for the bumper and trailer hookups.

Like other Tuff Country suspension components, this kit is made in the USA and is one of very few lift kits on the market that are not fabricated, designed or engineered overseas. Nearly all other brands out there use inferior steel and components from overseas which can lead to fitment, alignment and sagging issues down the road.

Smittybilt has been making Jeep and truck accessories since 1956 and has built a reputation for quality and durability with their products. Their company has expanded over the years and now offers a wide range of products from bumpers and armor to tents and camping gear. The company is in the business to make it easy for people to get out there and explore our beautiful wilderness. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their products and know that their customers need durable equipment that is dependable in the most challenging of conditions.